Friendship and Love


The first day I saw you,
Was like any other for me and you.
With sun on the sky, we under it.
But my heart had a rhythm unstoppable,
Why were you so beautiful?

Every time u pass by me,
My heart race for you,
Eyes search for you,
Steps repeat for you.
May be, I don’t want to loose you.

Thought to express you many a time.
but a word of warning,
Stopped me every time.
Fear of losing a friendship so strong,
On name of love, killed the dream, for long.

I don’t know what you feel,
But want you to feel the same as I.
For, my heart waits for that moment.
Praying every today and everyday,
Till i blink, for the last time, this day.

When I lie in silence,
I don’t want to feel your presence.
Crying, showing love, so long hidden.
For my hands, may not come to wipe and tell,
I love you even today!!!

– Friendship and Love have always been at war and so many hearts have laid in silence to move on in life.

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